Uganda Age Limit Turmoils

Controversy on Democracy

Uganda age limit turmoils  began in  2015 elections when unsatisfied nationals opposing the government claimed the incumbent president should rest.

His Excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has ruled Uganda for over thirty years from 1986 when he over threw obotes government after a five year bush war.

Ugandans at a time had great hope of seeing a peaceful transition of power in their country because since the colonialists handed over instruments of power presidential successions have been by hook and the current regime seemed “democratic”.

Levels of democracy at which a state is, alter banking on individual’s interest at a time. For example It is democratic through the legislature to have constitutional changes if need be with illustrations on the age limit though the opposition examine this undemocratic with a feel of it having hidden agendas for selfish individuals.

Same way it is constitutional to combat changes of articles case of land amendment law but due to that alternation of democracy heads will presume it ill protesting of opponents like the president said “it is those with self-fighting proposed amendments to land law.”

Suburb2suburb is conducting a public debate where the public is welcome to comment below about the “togikwatatoko”102 popular article and the land amendment bill on our twitter and facebook account.

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