Uganda economy

Sowing hard economic times

Economic times normally affect every individual directly or indirectly. From the producers to consumers, this is something that is neutral among them all. Sometimes economic times are… Read more »

LIVE BLOG: The 25th Annual Joseph Mubiru Memorial Lecture.

Joseph Mubiru is the first Governor of the Bank of Uganda (1966-1971). He is honored annually by a lecture organised by Bank of Uganda. This lecture was… Read more »

Uganda’s Financial Sector Regulation

Uganda’s Financial Sector Regulation A Key Note Address by Louis Kasekende (PhD) Deputy Governor, Bank of Uganda at the 7th Annual International Leadership Conference organized by Makerere… Read more »

How Uganda Treasury Bills and Bonds work

I am a Ugandan who is interested in investing in treasury bills and bonds or government securities. I have the following concerns about BoU bonds and I… Read more »

Uganda Travel Tips

Uganda travel tips stand momentous to the world wholly as it is the “the pearl of Africa.’’ Natural wonders and beauty left Sir Henry Morton Stanley naming… Read more »