Unknown history of Africa

The History of Africa goes way back with a wide range of cultures and tribes. Africa consists of the sub Saharan region, West, East, South as well… Read more »

Omukama Kabalega’s walk to fame

Omukama Kabalega (Chwa II Kabalega) was born around 18th June, 1853  and died on 6 April 1923. Kabalega was the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom in Uganda from… Read more »

Journey into Karamojong society

The Karamojong tribe, also known as the Karimojong has for a long time been associated with backwardness, primitivism, and violence, and thence comes the saying, “We shall… Read more »

Bakiga, the descendants of Kashyiga

The Bakiga-the people of the mountains, are Bantu-speaking natives of Uganda believed to be the descendants of Kashyiga, and also known as the Kiga or Chiga. They… Read more »

The legend of Gipiri and Labongo

The legend of Gipiri and Labongo

The history of Uganda is laced with rich folklore and legendary stories told to toddlers from time immemorial. The story of Gipir and Labongo, referred to as… Read more »