Exchange Rates

20 Basic facts about Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country found on the Eastern side of Africa. The country attained its independence in 1962 from the British. Kampala is the capital city of… Read more »

Latest Uganda Exchange Rates

Uganda Exchange Rates June 08, 2018 Currency Buying Selling USD (Opening) 3,817.50 3,827.50 USD (MID) 3,801.25 3,811.25 USD (Closing) GBP (Mid) 5,126.23 5,139.65 EUR (Mid) 4,497.53 4,509.31… Read more »

Bank of Uganda Maintains CBR at 10 Percent

Bank of Uganda maintains CBR at 10 percentage points in august 2017. This is accpording to a monetary policy statement issued by the Bank of Uganda Governor… Read more »

Bank of Uganda Foreign Exchange Rates

The Foreign Exchange Rates are published on business days by the Bank of Uganda. However, these rates may differ due to changing market conditions and the amount… Read more »

8 Great Facts about the Uganda Banknotes

The Uganda banknotes are legal tender in Uganda printed by the Bank of Uganda. Ugandan banknotes are not printed in Uganda but abroad. The Thomas De-La Rue… Read more »