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Uganda Age Limit Turmoils

Controversy on Democracy Uganda age limit turmoils  began in  2015 elections when unsatisfied nationals opposing the government claimed the incumbent president should rest. His Excellence Yoweri Kaguta… Read more »

Uganda Travel Tips

Uganda travel tips stand momentous to the world wholly as it is the “the pearl of Africa.’’ Natural wonders and beauty left Sir Henry Morton Stanley naming… Read more »

The Cancer Attack

The Cancer Attack

Fighting the Cancer attack through Sport The cancer attack invades three hundred persons per ten thousand annually according to the Uganda Cancer Institute. As cases of this… Read more »

Uganda World University Games Team cleared

The ministry of Foreign Affairs has cleared a team of thirty six athletes to represent Uganda in the upcoming World University games in Taiwan. The games will… Read more »

Bank of Uganda Maintains CBR at 10 Percent

Bank of Uganda maintains CBR at 10 percentage points in august 2017. This is accpording to a monetary policy statement issued by the Bank of Uganda Governor… Read more »