Uganda, film maker outs new movie

Top Uganda film maker George Stanley Nsamba popularly known as Nes G has released a new short film titled Crafts, his first project this year. The multi talented cinematographer, also Ghetto film project proprietor and Nes Motion Media CEO has worked closely with young talented actors and actresses in Uganda to come up with this epic 5 minute production about the struggles of life in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city.

The movie according to Mr. Nsamba, “focuses on the value of life and how our priorities may not necessarily reflect our values”. The film, Shot on the streets of Kampala, was written directed and edited by the Uganda film maker himself and features youngster’s like Sharif Uzabumwana and Patience Aber as lead characters.

The synopsis
A 19-year-old Shafi meets up with Pesh to fix their relationship, but the crafts Shafi picked on his way instead become the subject of talk as Shafi is reprimanded for his childish habits. He consequently loses his relationship and on his way home meets an old friend, Malcolm, who seems to have progressed in life making him even more depressed. But it’s the crafts he gives away to a street kid Elizabeth that make a difference when the kid sells them off to a passenger at a bus stop to raise money that she uses to buy edibles which she shares with her friends as Shafi looks on at a distance.

The short movie also stars rapper Malx aka Malcolm Kawooya and a street kid known as Elizabeth. The audio production for the movie was done by Lawraid Vybez and Tsabo Middletonson at Urban Aksent Music studios Ntinda. The film is set to premiere at the National theater with a copy selling for fifteen thousand Uganda shillings.

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