Githeri Exhibition

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Date(s): 01/07/2017 - 29/07/2017
Time: All Day
Location: AKA gallery, Bukoto street, Kampala
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“GITHERI” Githeri is a Kenyan dish of beans and maize, cooked together and fried with any ingredients of your choice to make a special delicious meal. Inspired by the concept, Angavu art studio artists, Tindi and Kintu, make a Githeri by exploring the day to day life, how we behave and learn to appreciate who we are, mainly taking us through our day today activities. We expand and mix different media of art expressions, disciplines, techniques and styles.

Issa Ouattara – Sculptor

Unique contemporary sculptures

At 15, Issa’s life changed when he met Artist and Sculptor Michelle who became his mentor and shared with him her passion and skills for sculpture and creative arts. Issa quickly became more than an assistant and developed his own unique style working with his favorite metal media. In his contemporary sculptural expression Issa draws on his West African artistic heritage and life experience to create figurative and functional sculptures which evokes strong and positive feelings. The integration of the old and contemporary now is subconscious but clearly present. The masculine media of mild steel is transformed to the feminine by Issa flowing forms including soft dynamic curves. While each piece is deeply personal embodying a part of Issa’s essence, Issa hopes that his art can speak to its audience without accompanying narrative…He has had numerous exhibitions including: Cote d’Ivoire-American Embassy, 2007;La Case Des Arts, Solo Exhibition 2015 ; South Africa: Alliance Française, Solo Exhibition, 2010; Spin St Gallery, Solo Exhibition, 2010; Australia: Issa Ouattara Sculpture Garden, Permanent Exhibition, 2014 to present; Melbourne Flower and Garden Show Sculpture Exhibition, 2014, 2015, 2017; Convent Gallery, Featured Artist, Daylesford, Australia, 2012 to present. Issa has won numerous awards, e.g “Source of Life” and “Power to the People”.

Kintu Paul & Tindi Ronnie Chris


Tindi Ronnie Chris has practiced art for several years, exploring painting, sculpture and collage. He is interested in environment conservation using bitenge fabric waste to create artworks. He has exhibited in several galleries and embassies in East Africa e.g. International school of Kenya, banana hill, Photizo, Heritage Tanzania, and Millerntor (Germany).

Kintu Paul is a self-initiated visual artist mainly working with Acrylic medium on canvas. His use of basic elements and principles of art is not formally tampered with. You see freedom mainly in his application of color. He has participated in both local and international exhibitions in East Africa, and the UK.   

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